Greenguard Gold Finishes

Greenguard Gold Finish might not be something that pops into your head frequently, but at Milk Street Baby it is what we craft our finishes around. 

Port Congestion- Why is my Furniture so Delayed?

Hello all!

Although the world is slowly starting to open back up, shipping is still being drastically affected. 

Here is a short message from our suppliers to sum it up:

Mattress Facts for Your Milk Street Crib

Two of our most asked questions:

Does a mattress come with a Milk Street crib? 

What size mattress should be used with a Milk Street crib? 

Pregnant Chicken.... Fun Pregnancy Food Cravings!

Pregnancy cravings. The worst or one of the best things about being pregnant. For me, I loved it. It gave me an excuse to eat fried chicken at nine in the morning. Or pickles with ice cream. Oh how that would make me gag now. 

Grow Baby Go!

Babies grow extremely fast. One minute you are taking them home from the hospital, and the next you are chasing them around the house. With growth comes amazing moments, new abilities, and an endless amount of fun. It also comes with things like new clothes, new baby furniture, bigger diapers, etc. 

Today I am going to talk with you all about a babies growth, and how to navigate all the new changes! 

How to Create a Calm Oasis of Sleep for your Baby

A good nights rest. The single factor that can take your day from a 2 to a 10. Important for both mom and baby. However, we can probably all agree that a good nights rest for baby has to come first, in order for everyone else to get theirs.