Pregnant Chicken.... Fun Pregnancy Food Cravings!

Pregnancy cravings. The worst or one of the best things about being pregnant. For me, I loved it. It gave me an excuse to eat fried chicken at nine in the morning. Or pickles with ice cream. Oh how that would make me gag now. 

Well I am here to share with you today, some fun pregnancy food cravings! 

Pregnancy is a time to let your taste buds loose – sweet, salty and sour – the merry three! A good source of vitamin C, pickles are also loaded with certain minerals and help you combat muscle cramps.

One of the best pregnancy food cravings is ice cream. However, not just any ice cream. Specifically Dairy Queen ice cream. Grab a blizzard for just a few dollars and feel the sensation of all your cravings being satisfied. 

Another fun pregnancy craving is chips! My go-to is always the classic Lay's potato chip, or diving into some delicious kettle chips. There is nothing that can beat the crunch of a good chip. 

Craving some homemade mashed potatoes? Try adding caramel sauce to them! A Buzzfeed survey shows that 78 out of 100 women enjoyed this combination. 

Pregnant in the summer? Slurpees and shaved ice are definitely a go-to. With the sweet taste and crunchy texture they are sure to satisfy all your craving needs. 

Oddly enough, ice is a popular craving! I did not go through this, but many women do! I guess when water doesn’t cut it, you’re going to want to munch and suck on a big ice cube.

As your demand for fluids increases, so may your cravings for some good old fashioned, refreshing apple juice. Loaded with rejuvenating vitamins, apple juice can help you combat fatigue and lethargy, among other things.

With hormones flaring and moods all over the place, it’s only normal that you crave a top-notch comfort food like peanut butter. The healthy fats and proteins will certainly give birth to a strong baby with a good weight. 

According to the old wives tale, if you’re craving sweets, you’re going to have a baby girl. Well, baby girl or not, in limited doses, sweets can provide the much needed mood elevation and a quick jolt of feel-good energy.

About 50% pregnant women have actually admitted that among their most common craving is ice cream and yogurt. Don’t hesitate to have lots of this good stuff because your growing baby is going to need all the calcium he/she can get.I

I've heard from mamas that they never liked spicy food before pregnancy but for some reason the baby wanted hot and spicy foods.  These poor moms ate all sorts of hot foods. Anything from plain hot sauce to hot peppers, or really anything spicy they could get their hands on. Just be warned if you give in to these spicy cravings you might end up with heartburn, and that is never fun.

Check out this 30 minute recipe forSpicy Roasted Cauliflower. This recipe is fast and a great grab and go snack to keep on hand for those emergency craving moments! Plus, it actually tastes really good.

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include some unique honorable mentions that are guaranteed to either turn your pregnant stomach or have you begging your SO to run out for supplies

  • Chocolate cake with ketchup on top
  • Fried chicken with chocolate syrup
  • Rice Krispies with pepper and gravy
  • Watermelon with ice cream
  • Gummy worms and fish
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with ham and cheese
  • Wasabi peas and orange juice
  • Chocolate, pickles and cheese melted together


We want to hear about your crazy cravings! Comment below and tell us all about your weird food combos!

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