Grow Baby Go!

Babies grow extremely fast. One minute you are taking them home from the hospital, and the next you are chasing them around the house. With growth comes amazing moments, new abilities, and an endless amount of fun. It also comes with things like new clothes, new baby furniture, bigger diapers, etc. 

Today I am going to talk with you all about a baby's growth, and how to navigate all the new changes! 

The New Moments

Once you have a child, everything turns into a celebration. The first time you hear them cry, their first bottle, their first solid poop, and so much more. The more they grow, the more they experience new moments. One minute they are happily lying on their backs playing with toys, and the next they have crawled halfway across the room. Crawling turns into walking and you soon realize how important it is to savor every moment. 

I remember the first time I ever heard my baby laugh. It was music to my ears. Details of personality started to peak through and he started to get more vocal with each passing day. If you haven't already this is the perfect time to start capturing those moments. You'll thank yourself years later when looking back on the sweet home tapes or photo albums. One of the coolest things I have seen people bring to a baby shower is a little memory tote. 

They get about a medium sized tote and put little boxes and file folders in it. Each of the file folders is labeled by year and milestones. It is the perfect place to store all of your kiddos pictures, artwork, small keepsakes, etc. I have always thought this is a genius idea and actually started doing it a few months ago! 

New Clothes

When I had my baby shower I almost didn't know what to put on the registry. There are of course the obvious things, but when it comes to clothes who knows how big your baby will be when it's born, or how fast he/she will grow? The first time I went baby shopping I excitedly ran into Baby Gap and threw everything into my cart. Only to start crying when the cashier told me my total was over $400. I silently cursed myself and cried as I went and put back the majority of the clothes. Not only were the pregnancy hormones kicking in, but the fact that I had always assumed babies clothes were cheap! A lot of them are, but when you get suckered into those cute stores you can easily spend $30 on one outfit! 

After that experience, I mainly bought zipper onesies and outfits that were between $10-$15. They will grow out of their outfits fast, and I have never seen a baby that is picky about which outfit they spit up on, or have a diaper explosion in! lol. 

Baby Furniture & Toys

As a baby grows it's nice to have items that grow with him/her! When shopping for baby furniture, I wanted to make sure I found high quality items that transitioned with my baby as he grew. That quality is most important when it comes to cribs. If you are currently in the market for any good baby furniture I highly recommend checking out the items on this website! It's a lot easier to sleep at night knowing your baby is safe in their crib. 

Along with transitioning baby furniture, also comes to transitioning toys. One of my favorite tips is not spending insane amounts of money on toys. My baby would rather play with a plastic red solo cup than his $100 baby activity walker. Another hot tip as your baby gets into books is to find them at resale shops! A quick sanitize and you are good to go. Hardback baby books can get expensive, and the ones found at resale shops typically go for $5 or less! 

Comment down below some of your favorite baby growth tips you have learned! 

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