Mattress Facts for Your Milk Street Crib

Two of our most asked questions:

Does a mattress come with a Milk Street crib? 

What size mattress should be used with a Milk Street crib? 

Nope, the mattress is a separate purchase, but here are a few of the ones we love! 

As for the size of a mattress we recommend using a standard crib mattress. 

All North American crib mattresses must measure between 51 ⅝ to 53 inches in length and 27 ¼ to 28 inches in width (thickness can range from 4 to 6 inches).

There is some variation as you can see, so depending on the material and cover, if your mattress is within these measurements, it fully meets crib safety compliance in the USA. Not only do you want to be sure your mattress fits snuggly inside your crib, you want to be sure to adjust the heights of your mattress as your baby begins to grow! 

There should be no more than two fingers of space between the side of the mattress and the crib frame. Any larger and your baby may become entrapped between the two, resulting in injury or suffocation.

Mattress vents allow for increased airflow and make it easier for moisture to escape, preventing mold, mildew, and odor. When choosing your mattress, look for small, reinforced holes along the sides. The more ventilation holes, the better.

Curious about our crib safety as well? 

All of our products surpass even California’s high crib safety standards. Our team of experts stay current with the ever changing, safety standards in the juvenile industry, reviewing any new legislature being considered by CPSC and ASTM.  We take our responsibility for the safety of your child very seriously. We want you to sleep soundly (or sleep as much as you can with a newborn!) with the peace of mind that your child is in the best and safest crib out there.

Send us an email or comment down below any other questions! 


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