Greenguard Gold Finishes

Greenguard Gold Finish might not be something that pops into your head frequently, but at Milk Street Baby it is what we craft our finishes around. 

If you are unsure what Greenguard Gold Finish means, a quick google search will show, "When a finish bearsGreenguard certification, it meets strict chemical emissions limits and has been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals.Greenguard certifications indicate that a product is safe for indoor use" ( 

Did you know that the air indoors is two to five times more polluted than outside air? This is a major issue, since the average person spends 85% of their time indoors. Poor indoor air can make an impact on your baby's health. 

According to the Greenguard Environmental Institute, airborne chemicals from furniture, building materials, and mold dirty up the atmosphere, and poor ventilation adds to the problem.

The idea is to produce healthier interiors free from harmful emissions. Companies that have Greenguard certification can claim greater credibility when they make sustainability claims.

To achieve this certification, products must meet field-validated and performance-based standards, and for products and materials to qualify, they must demonstrate the use of low chemical and particle emissions for indoor use—but that is not enough. To maintain Greenguard certification, all products are then required to be tested annually for more than 10,000 individual volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

More than 200 manufacturers voluntarily participate in the program, and more than 200,000 products are represented in the Greenguard program. All the products are tested in a regulated dynamic environmental chamber that's temperature- and humidity-controlled. The products sit in these chambers anywhere from one day to two weeks to determine how many chemicals are gassed off.

Milk Street prides themselves on finishing.  

We believe in open communication and transparency with regards to our materials and finishes. We strive to educate new parents about specific details of finishing, test results, and the chemical contents of our coatings, metal parts, and even our packaging. Each finish we use is Greenguard Gold Certified. Our pigments and top coats have been developed exclusively for Milk Street by the incredible team of artists and color specialists at AkzoNobel. All our finishes have minimum phthalates and a low VOC. Even on our imported products, we meet the EPA guidelines for emissions. 

Get your baby furniture that you can trust. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Comment down below any questions you have regarding Greenguard Gold Finishes, or our process! 


Milk Street

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