What Sets Milk Street Apart - Construction & Finishing

As a quality baby furniture company, Milk Street is on a mission to create the best work possible. Quality is always top of mind and the most important consideration. While perfecting their craft, Milk Street has come up with new ways to create beautiful projects consistently.

Milk Street prides themselves on adding a cedar panel under the bottom drawer of every dresser, chest and nightstand.

Even though cedar is a soft wood, its durability, affordability, beautiful colors and natural resistance to rot and decay make it a prime candidate for fine furniture. It resists changes in temperature and moisture, making it less prone to expanding or contracting. 

Cedar is prized for:

-It's natural ability to repel microbes and other pests that are unseen by the naked eye. 

-It has a fresh aroma; keeps clothes smelling fresh without the use of unnecessary, potentially harmful sprays, sachets or fresheners, many of which are not sage to use around small children. 

-It has natural dehumidifying properties, it removes moisture from the air; keeping your clothes free from developing mildew. 

-Cedar is durable, it can withstand many conditions. 

-Also, cedar is sound resistant! It is a porous wood, which gives it the ability to absorb noise.


Cedar is a stable and strong wood. It’s the natural oils in cedar wood that provide its scent. The oils help preserve the wood and they repel insects and the growth of fungus. This is why there’s no need for concern when storing cloth heirlooms and linens in cedar chests. They store safely with cedar to protect them. 


FACT: Modern science confirms that cedar is an antifungal agent,

unequalled in the natural world (it is also a potent antibacterial and

antioxidant.) Red Cedar is rich in the same antioxidants that give green

tea its good name. Cedar wood has been used for treating fevers, sore

throats, coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, and fungal skin infections.


FACT: Alexander the Great used cedar wood to build his naval ships simply

because this particular wood was notorious for having magical properties.


 FACT: Natives knew that fallen cedars could rest upon the forest floor

for generations without rotting, a property they attributed to its spiritual nature.



Milk Street is on a mission to create beautiful nursery furniture that doesn’t sacrifice safety for design. Milk Street strives to design truly transitional baby furniture that can transcend the age old design boundaries. Their furniture can be traditional, modern, casual or contemporary. They blur the lines, giving you the ultimate freedom to design the nursery of your dreams.

With love,

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