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September is always a breath of fresh air.  The busyness of summer comes to a close, and the freshness of a new school season begins.  It also reminds us of all the fun activities associated with fall! Interestingly, September is one of the most popular birthday months!  Fun Fact: More babies are born on September 9th than any other day of the year (Stix).  Since it is such a popular birth month, I thought it would be fun to round up some facts for babies born in September! 


Modern Motherhood Blog September Birthstones


The September birthstone is the sapphire.  Sapphires are said to be some of the most gorgeous stones because they come in a wide range of colors! Sapphires are naturally occurring and super strong.  They also score almost perfectly on the durability test.  Just a side note- these stones make a great modern baby gift!  Here are some sweet jewelry findson etsy.  The websiteMamasliquidlove  has a  birthstone ring that allows you to send in a small amount of breastmilk which they add into the ring along with your baby’s birthstone - so unique!  The perfect gift for a new mom! 

Star Sign

Babies born in this month are either Virgos or Libras!  Birthdays at the beginning of the month fall into the Virgo category.  Virgos often have character traits of being practical, loyal, and organized. Birthdays after the 22nd of the month fall into the Libra category!  Libras are most often known for being balanced, social, and fair-minded. 

Student of the Year

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) your September baby may just be a gifted student!  Children born in September are considered to be more successful at school than kids born in any other month of the year.  The cognitive development of a September child is advanced as compared to other students. This could largely be due to the birthday cutoffs, which usually fall at the end of August.  Therefore, September kids are usually the oldest in the class! 

More Likely to Live to 100

Modern Motherhood First Birthday to 100th Birthday

The University of Chicago interviewed around 1,500 people who are 100+ in age.   65% of those interviewed were born in the fall (Journal of Aging Research).  Although many factors go into aging, the most popular hypothesis is that babies born in the fall are exposed to infections sooner.  Even though this hasn’t been scientifically proven, it is still pretty cool! 

2 Birth Flowers

Modern Motherhood Blog September Flowers

Babies born in September get two birth flowers, the Aster and the Morning Glory!  The different colors of Aster flowers are associated with specific traits as well. Purple Asters stand for wisdom and royalty; white for innocence and purity; and red or pink for undying devotion. The Morning Glory has many meanings associated with it, but the most common are love and life.  The flower has the ability to rise each morning and sleep each evening, resembling human life. 

September Babies are Superstars

Babies born in this month share the same birth month with some pretty cool people!  One of the most popular people born in September is Beyonce.  Some other fall superstars include: Zendaya, Nick Jonas, and Charlie Sheen.  

September babies do seem to have been given a few advantages, but the real superwomen are the moms that give birth in September!  It is not easy to carry a baby through the summer, when temperatures tend to reach the highest levels of the year.

Modern Motherhood September Babies Pregnant Mom

But don’t forget, every baby is amazing in their own way, no matter what month they are born! 

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