First Outdoor Baby Adventure [Tips from a Modern Mom Outdoor Enthusiast]


Shyanne Orvis, a Fly Fishing Guide based out of Basalt, Colorado tells Milk Street Baby about her first outdoor adventure with her newborn son. Discover how this modern mom and adventure enthusiast approaches preparation for her first outdoor experience with a new baby in tow. In her laid-back, yet detail-oriented way, Shyanne provides invaluable new mom tips. She begins her story by describing dreams of ambitious travel and the experienced unexpected joy and sweet reality of newfound family time.

In Shyanne’s words;

Motherhood. It’s been beautiful in all of the ways I could have never anticipated. It’s true what people often say; there’s nothing that prepares you for the love you feel for the tiny human you created.


Here’s a sneak peek of our Branch Collection with an intimate look at this new mom and some motherhood moments in her nature-inspired boho nursery. You can see how Milk Street Baby offers comfort to Shyanne and baby Colter by providing unique, modern nursery furniture. Real acacia wood branch spindles found on our Branch crib alongside the abstract moon phases wall art and crescent moon rocker set, offer earthy tones to match the nature-inspired nursery and overall bohemian lifestyle vibe.


In Shyanne’s words;

My vision for the nursery was to create a warm and comforting space for Colter to grow up in. A space that welcomed exploration and the curiosity that playing in nature provides. It was important for me to incorporate pieces that I thought would elude a comforting and nurturing environment which is why I chose furniture from Milk Street because it helped create the atmosphere I envisioned. The Branch Collection, made with a New Zealand Pine / Acacia is beautifully crafted and truly complements our outdoorsy lifestyle. The moon set offers Colter, for years to come, a special nook of his own. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect boho style nursery for my sweet boy.


Throughout my pregnancy, I spent so much time envisioning what I wanted this next chapter to look like. I would dream about the adventures I wanted to take with my sweet boy and the experiences I wanted to share with him. Taking the time to visualize what I hoped motherhood would be like is what helped me make it a reality after he was born. I prepared mentally for the inevitable fatigue and unexpected challenges that would ensue because I didn’t want the hard moments to hold me back from taking Colter on his first big adventure.


The first few weeks after Colter was born, I took the necessary time to heal and adjust to this new way of life. My days were spent soaking up snuggles and napping every chance I had. We were able to take the baby on a few small outings, like out to dinner and to the local park, but at that point, we hadn’t left the house for more than a few hours, and the times that we did, we didn’t go very far.


After a few weeks of resting, I finally felt ready to take Colter on a fly fishing adventure. We packed up the car with an unnecessary amount of gear and our three dogs and hit the road for our big day. We planned to drive an hour to a nearby lake to have a lovely little picnic and hopefully catch a few trout.

Tips before you try:

  • Be aware of temperatures
  • Dress your baby in layers
  • Check baby’s body temperature regularly
  • Have a hat or coving to shield the baby from direct sunlight

Can fresh air help a baby sleep?   Well, yes! The sleep research indicates yes!

Experts say, exposure to sunlight and fresh air daily, if possible, is always a good thing for babies and toddlers.



In Shyanne’s words;

Well, like all great adventures, things don’t typically go according to plan, and my Fiancé decided he wanted to do a little exploring. Fast forward to five hours later, we were off-roading on an unfamiliar 4 x 4 road and we never found the lake that was our initial destination. It wasn’t the day that I thought we would have, but the views were beautiful, and we spent the entire day laughing at ourselves for the failed attempt at a peaceful outing. Even though things didn’t go as planned, I couldn’t have asked for a better first trip with our new baby.

We found a high country creek and were able to fish for beautiful cutthroat trout while Colter fell fast asleep to the sound of the river.


Tip: A good idea is to acclimate kids to fishing or any outdoor in nature desire at an early age so they get used to it.

The Benefits of bringing your baby outside:

  • New sensations lead to brain development, new language, and better sleep!
  • Fresh air is good for parents and babies!
  • Babies sleep better -and for longer - after a nap in the fresh air!


In Shyanne’s words;

Not every outing needs to be that grand, and sometimes it’s as simple as going outside for a walk, but often, the greatest adventures and the most memorable moments happen when we step outside our comfort zone.

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