Ody's Vintage Nursery and Health Tips from Her Mama

Experience a vintage dream with Celeste Thomas, featuring her daughter Ody’s modern nursery renovation! We can’t help but focus on Celeste’s excellent nursery design alongside her influential background in nursing and her remarkable presence on social media with her healthy lifestyle platform. Celeste shares some healthy living favorites for new moms and views of her vintage nursery reveal with Milk Street Baby’s Cameo Collection, featuring her Cameo Oval 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Cameo 6-Drawer Double Dresser. We hope to offer insight by sharing Celeste’s experiences as a new mom. She beautifully creates a healthy lifestyle and desires to inspire families through her brand and her design theory showcasing Milk Street Baby’s Cameo Collection!    

modern motherhood vintage nursery Celeste Thomas

What would you like to share about your experience with Milk Street Baby nursery furniture, and what are five things you love about Milk Street Baby, without a doubt? 

  1. The Milk Street Crib and Changing table beautifully match my dream vintage country garden aesthetic.
  2. The quality is so undeniable when you see them in person. I really appreciate that they’re solid wood and super sturdy. 
  3. I love that the changing table drawers close quietly so I don’t wake baby if she’s napping. 
  4. It’s great that they have so many stylish convertible cribs to choose from that it’s such a convenient way for parents to be more sustainable with their baby purchases.
  5. I’m really happy that by owning Milk Street Baby, we’re supporting a female-owned brand that strives to create a smaller footprint by introducing a made-in-America furniture collection in 2023. 

Modern Motherhood Milk Street Baby Cameo Vintage Nursery Celeste Thomas 1

Could you tell us about the product you use for Ody on her dresser and new mom essentials for moms choosing skin care products for their babies?

We LOVE Honest Baby products like their wipes, diaper rash cream, and nipple cream for mama. I use Honest Baby because they use an impressive clean ingredient standard and offer an approachable price point. I value these two factors when it comes to baby products. The Honest sprayable diaper cream is genius!  It contains non-toxic zinc oxide as a barrier to protect our babies lil butts, and it works so well that Ody has never had a full-on diaper rash. Regarding baby products, I highly recommend referencing the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database or the Think Dirty app to see if a product is safe for babies. There is a lot of problematic greenwashing out in the world, so we must be mama bears and protect our babies against the toxic ingredients so readily found in baby products. We also know that skin care for moms is necessary after having a baby. 

Modern Motherhood Milk Street Baby Honest Baby Celeste Thomas 2

Our readers would love to hear about your postpartum health tips or glow skin tips. 

It is not easy being a mama!!! Lack of sleep, hormonal fluctuations, nutrient deficiencies, and dehydration that parents face definitely impact skin health! Since we can’t control many of the factors we are up against when it comes to skin, it’s best to focus on those small habits that can impact us. Ensure you’re adequately hydrated throughout the day, especially if breastfeeding is essential!

Catch me with my 40oz Stanley cup in one arm and my baby in the other at all times, LOL, but really, ask your doctor to advise you on your unique hydration needs, then making sure you hit them daily will help you get a dewy glow. Another essential tip for a healthy postpartum glow is protecting your skin from the sun! Most mamas, myself included, are suffering from Postpartum Melasma. When protecting your skin from increased Melasma pigmentation and to allow your skin to heal from pregnancy pigmentation, using an SPF is the key. Wear a mineral SPF every single day, even if you plan on being inside, since UV rays travel through windows. In addition to SPF, make sure to put on a hat for your stroller walks outside. The second barrier really helps prevent future Melasma.

Modern Motherhood Milk Street Baby Vintage Nursery Celeste Thomas 1

What is your favorite book on Ody’s bookshelf that you love and cannot wait to share with her if you haven’t started reading?

I couldn’t wait, we’re already reading Eloise, and I’m not sure who’s loving it more. She’s reaching for the pages, and her eyes light up when I flip to a new colorful page. I’m so blessed that my mama kept all of my favorite books, and now I get to read the very same pages to her that my mom read to me.

Tell us about the special keepsake items in Ody’s nursery that give it a personal touch.

We have Tiffany silver baby items that were gifts from family members. My cousin got the hairbrush engraved with her initials, and the bristles are soft and precious. My aunt gave me a vintage rattle that makes the sound.

How is Milk Street Baby different from other furniture brands, and what do you look forward to experiencing with Ody’s furniture as she grows in her nursery room?

The quality and aesthetic of the furniture pieces set Milk Street Baby apart. I had the vision for Ody’s room before I started searching for furniture, and It was impossible to find the classic, high-quality look I was going for until I found Milk Street Baby. I couldn’t be happier with the pieces and how they look in the space.

Modern Motherhood Milk Street Baby Cameo Crib Celeste Thomas 4

Celeste Thomas Handle

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