Mom in waiting.

Milk Street baby is heartfelt in sharing Kristin's journey as a mom in waiting. She's an inspiring new mom with a resilient pregnancy journey and the triumph of childbirth with her twin boys (via IVF after 6.5 years of trying and multiple losses) at 33+3 weeks early.

Because of the rocky road to get to where they are, she and her husband Kyle placed finding products which were safe and of high quality as their top priority. Her community has been alongside them through their infertility struggles and they have warmly embraced their news. We embrace their moments together with a warm welcome and the hope that their journey will enlighten other moms facing the same experience in finding incredible joy.

Milk Street Baby's Interview with Kristin Kruse, Mom to Oliver and Abram.

What would you say to empower others to keep trying or can you share any miracle moments that may inspire other moms?

We tried to conceive for 6.5 years, getting pregnant once naturally in 2018 but losing our baby at 8 weeks. From there, we tried everything from medicated cycles to an IUI. We then decided to take a much needed break to breathe. We started the IVF process in January 2021 and had unsuccessful transfer attempts in March and again in April (we lost 2 embryos quickly after implantation in April). After waiting for my levels to normalize, we attempted another transfer on August 9, 2021, resulting in Oliver & Abram. I’d tell other moms that are TTC and/or struggling that it is OK to take a break. Your mental health is essential throughout this journey, and you need to be your best self to endure the rollercoaster. It’s ok to feel lost, broken, disappointed, and everything in between, but our heartaches were washed away the moment our boys cried out when they were born.

Tell us about the memorable Nurses and NICU positives.

Every single NICU nurse is a literal angel on earth. They know how hard it is on parents and have gone above & beyond to make us feel comfortable. One of our regular night nurses encouraged me to call in at 2 am while I pumped to check in so I would feel more comfortable.

Tell us about nesting and waiting for your littles to come home and how you fill your day.

My day is genuinely filled with me in the NICU trying to be as involved as I can with their care (temp checks, diaper changes, feedings). While I’m here, I sing and read to them and hold them as much as possible. When I go home, I make sure the house is clean and that all their little laundry is done, so we’re ready for them to get home!


What are your favorites about your nursery and how does it make you feel.

Gosh, I love every part of it! The cribs, of course, give the room such a unique feel. I also love that this room is FINALLY being used as a nursery like we intended it to be when we built the house. It makes me feel at peace and so excited for all that’s to come. But also, right now, with the boys in the NICU, it’s hard to be in the room because it just plain sucks that they’re not home yet.

Can you share some experiences of having twins?

It is overwhelming in the best way. It’s so crazy to see their little personalities come to life. They can’t be ‘together’ yet but the two times I’ve gotten to hold them simultaneously, they intertwined their legs (which is what it felt like they were doing in my belly)! I just still can’t believe I get TWO babies to love on.

Why would you recommend Milk Street Baby to other moms?

Because the quality of the products assures you of safety, the appearance of the products is unique and eye-catching, and the brand itself truly embodies everything I want to associate myself and my boys with!

Do you have daily rituals or affirmations for yourself or something that you do to recharge yourself when you're having that drained moment?

Right now my waking hours are basically spent in the NICU, but I start each morning with some journaling + meditation & prayer. At night, I meditate as well. When I’m feeling overwhelmed/drained (which is often lately), I remind myself to control the controllable and let the rest be.

How has Milk Street Baby given you a feeling of support, helped conveniently, or offered peace?

The relationship I’ve built with Katie + MSB has been incredibly supportive throughout many unexpected moments with the boys’ birth. One thing that gives me and Kyle a sense of peace is walking by their nursery and seeing their cribs, knowing sometime soon they’ll be in them and home safe.

If you wished upon a star for Oliver and Abram, what would you wish for?

That they know how much they are loved and how long they have been prayed for and wanted. Six and a half years of trying for them has been worth the wait and we’d do it all over again for them.

What would you share with other moms with twins that no one shared with you?

That your heart has more than enough room to love them both equally. And that you only have two hands, so it’s ok if one has to wait a minute for you - and ASK FOR HELP when you need it :)

All photos provided by  @amidwesternmix


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