The Perfect Grey: A Cornerstone in Current Design Trends

It’s never too early to appreciate good design! 
You'll spend many late nights in the nursery, then sunny days in your tot’s converted space, so make the room exquisitely appealing and comfy. 
Grey Tones are still hot! They can be used in any room, from the nursery to a toddler’s “big kid” room.

Grey is timeless. It has many undertones, ranging from cool blues to warm browns. From a light dove-grey to more dramatic charcoal, we’ve invested time in choosing the pigment mix that offers what we believe to be the perfect depth and warmth with our Stone Grey finish.
• A crib can sometimes look and feel ordinary. Turn your crib purchase into something not only exciting, but extraordinary.

• Be inspired by unexpected neutrals, and modern interpretations as you set up your nursery. Down the road, your toddler’s room as that baby begins to walk and climb!

• Grey is a calming color. One that promotes contemplation. 

• Invest in truly ageless furniture, a crib that really does make an incredible tot bed!
In this gender-neutral toddler room created by designer/founder, Julie Knisley, our Branch Crib in Stone Grey is clearly the centerpiece. Julie gives the room a refined edge through her use of eclectic art, whimsical lighting, and earthy, organic, accents. She adds texture through plants, a cozy fur rug, and other visual decor elements. With Milk Street Baby furniture as your cornerstone, you can create a balance of form and function no matter what your style may be. A crib doesn't have to be mediocre. Make a statement with Milk Street Baby.
We're loving the modern Stone Grey Branches of our crib in this tot space.

Add a gallery wall, fun photographs, drawings, or a mix of 2 and 3D art to create interesting pops of color and shapes that have sentimental value. Let your tot lay this out with you,and change it often!
Light is what makes the space come to life. Mixing natural light and the use  Edison bulbs or soft fun glowing shapes can add a bit of magic with the flip of a switch. 
Julie brought in a nature-inspired theme to complement the stone tones which round out the space.

“ The best rooms are those that cross all style boundaries, modern accents thrown into a primitive or rustic  space is one of my favorite looks! Follow no rules, that is what makes a space interesting."



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