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Julianne Downs, model and high-fashion stylist, transitioned into pregnant mom-to-be with a modern baby nursery design. Her trend-setting fashion and creativity align brilliantly with Milk Street Baby’s boho nursery. Julianne empowers new moms facing infertility by sharing insights about her own experience. This beautiful, strong woman is making waves with her exquisite design theory, as she begins to curate her glam dressing room into a modern boy’s coastal nursery.


What would you like to share about your pregnancy?

My pregnancy journey was definitely much more of a “journey” than I ever expected it to be. I always had a timeline in my mind as to when I thought I would get pregnant, but I quickly learned that sometimes our bodies have a different plan! It took way longer than I imagined to get pregnant and I didn’t have any friends or family that struggled with fertility, so I really felt like I was on my own little island of infertility.

After over a year of trying and months and months of fertility treatments, medicated cycles, failed IUIs, and one IVF round, I finally became pregnant with my baby boy :)

My pregnancy journey has really opened my eyes to the world of infertility and how many women struggle with it— yet, infertility is something that is not talked about AT ALL. I never knew the emotional toll that a negative pregnancy test could have on someone until it was “the new normal” for me. My heart goes out to every single woman who is struggling to conceive. I hope that each of you receives your miracle baby soon.

All of that being said, being pregnant is truly the happiest I have ever felt. I think the wait made me more appreciative of being pregnant and it helped me truly understand what a miracle pregnancy is. Despite being extremely ill during the first fifteen weeks, I felt lucky my body was responding and that it was going through the necessary changes required to grow my little guy. I will never take for granted this time in my life and I am truly enjoying every second of it!

Tell us a bit about the nursery room you envision. Are there any unique keepsakes or family traditions you plan to continue with your baby?

My happiest childhood memories came from where I grew up…Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Here, I spent all my time playing on the beach and in the ocean. I still visit and vacation frequently to the exact same condo I grew up in, so being able to take my son there will be the most special thing for me.

My husband grew up on a different beach in the panhandle of Florida where his parents still live, so the beach is definitely our mutual happy place.

Because of our love for Florida, I want the baby’s nursery to be a reflection of our childhood, setting the tone for memories we hope to create with our son. I designed the nursery to have a relaxing, beach vibe so that anyone who sits in the room will feel the same calmness they feel when lying in the sand next to the water. I want the nursery to tell a story without being too themed or loud. I hope to create this by keeping my textures, tones, and decor neutral. I want the nursery to feel cohesive but full of life at the same time. Milk Street Baby offers the perfect pieces to be able to do this beautifully. 


How has Milk Street Baby aligned with your world and impacted your life? How is MSB different from other furniture brands?

I could not imagine creating my nursery using any furniture brand other than Milk Street Baby. Working in the fashion industry has made me understand the importance of quality construction and the level of attention to detail required to create not only a beautiful product, but one that is not detrimental to our planet. Fast fashion has taken over the industry. This is something that is both harmful to our planet and to consumers with gross overuse of toxic chemicals and mass production. I know the same thing is happening in the furniture manufacturing industry…..but not at Milk Street Baby!

When I first started browsing baby furniture, I was shocked by the lack of creativity on the market. I could not believe how much the nursery furniture we looked at was all the same! I of course want safety first and foremost, but you should have to sacrifice design for safety. I come from an industry where you have the option of making a statement and expressing yourself through what you wear….so, a basic crib that looks like everyone else’s is absolutely not an option for me! This is where Milk Street Baby knocks it out of the park! Each collection is so unique and clearly superior to any of the other options on the market. Milk Street’s pieces are super versatile and they can be used and adored by moms with all different style tastes. I love how each piece is hand-finished by artisans who care about their work and the fact that Milk Street uses only Greenguard Gold certified paints and stains, testing each layer for harmful chemicals, ensures that each baby will breathe only the cleanest of air :)


What is most important to Milk Street Baby aligns with what is most important to me making a perfect fit; impeccable style and safety!

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