Baby Gear: Splurge or Save?

Prepping for baby and his/her nursery is supposed to be one of the most exciting things for a new parents-to-be. But… what is supposed to be fun and exciting often turns into a stressful shopping trip where you buy everything or put everything on the registry that anyone and everyone you know has recommended. 

We all want our babies to have everything they need, but that can be accomplished without breaking the bank and still creating a beautiful and safe environment for your new addition to the family. There are definitely items that are worth splurging on to be sure you get good quality and function; but there are also things that you can save money on.

I like to follow the guidelines of splurging on items that will last and grow with our little ones. It's important to invest in the items that have longevity, especially if you're wanting to have another little one in the future! 

1. Splurge: Crib

 The crib is definitely an item in the nursery that you want to spend a little extra money on. When shopping, consider investing in a crib that can transition into a toddler bed. Remember, all cribs have to follow specific federal guidelines in order to be sold to the public. So while you are shopping, definitely invest in a good and sturdy quality crib. My favorite are the cribs by Milk Street. Not only is it a wonderful crib, it can also transition into a toddler bed, as well as full size bed! 

2. Save: Crib Sheets

This is one component of baby’s crib that you can save on. Crib sheets will soil easily and typically after so many washes, will show wear and tear. Of course, crib sheets need to comfortable and some babies can have breakouts due to certain fabrics. So make sure to buy a variety of fabric options and don’t overbuy these before baby is born just in case they do have breakouts due to a certain fabric.

3. Splurge: Crib Mattress

Your baby will spend many hours sleeping on this mattress. And we all know that good sleep is priceless. For comfort and, more importantly, your baby’s safety your crib mattress needs to be a high quality product. I realize that with all the fun things you’re buying and receiving during this exciting time a mattress is a pretty boring thing to have to focus on, but please take the time to do some research and find a crib mattress and mattress cover that is safe and will help your baby get a good night’s sleep. Which at the same time will help you sleep better! 

4. Save: Nursery Decor

One of my favorite ways to make a nursery look expensive in decor is to buy pretty prints online from Etsy. Most are simple PDF downloads that you can then print at your local office store on cardstock paper. Place the prints in an inexpensive from Target and ta-da! You’ve got nursery art.

There are actually benefits for having minimal decor in your Childs room! Read the blog post we did on that topic here

5. Splurge: Dresser / Changing Table

There are places that I have read that they say skip the changing table, but I was a mama who always changed my babies in their room at their changing table. However, when it comes to a changing table, investing in one that sits on-top of a dresser is well worth the extra money. Once your little one is potty trained, you can simply take the changing table attachment off the dresser. And, viola! You have a dresser that grows with your child, well into their school days.

6. Save: Rug

Rugs can make a nursery feel extra cozy and bring a pop of color to the room. If wanting a rug in your nursery, don’t go overboard on the budget here. Just as sheets will be washed frequently, so will the rug. From tummy time to play time, you’ll want a rug that is easy to clean and won’t upset you if you ever have to throw it out.

7. Save and Splurge: Carseat

If you didn’t know, you’re not allowed to leave the hospital unless baby is in their carseat. And, when it comes to a carseat, this is an important decision and investment to make. You may have realized that there is no shortage of options out there to choose from, but I want you to know this… Just as cribs have to follow federal guidelines so do carseats! So while, yes, you want the best for baby, that doesn’t mean you have to spend $600. A car seat at about $200-$300 is just as safe for your baby and won’t break the bank.

So where do you splurge on a carseat? If you’re a mama and dad who plan on going on walks and taking baby different places, make sure you get a carseat/stroller combo. They are bit pricier, but definitely worth the investment. AND, don’t be afraid to purchase multiple bases for the carseat (one for mom’s car, one for dad’s, one for grandparents). You’ll thank me later!

Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Comment down below items that were on your splurge or save list! 


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