Staying Sustainable with Your Little One

Babies require a lot of stuff, and all of those items add up! Expense-wise and also from an accumulation standpoint. It may feel like bringing a baby into the world couldn’t possibly be done while leading a less wasteful lifestyle. If the sheer size of your baby registry is already causing panic, maybe a more minimalistic, sustainable approach is the option for you. Sure, babies need things, but there is almost always a sustainable alternative!

Breast pumps

Most breast pumps will have a plastic component, but you’ll want to make sure your pump has silicone cups. Not only is the silicone soft and comfortable, but it’s also durable, reusable, and safe. Try this silicone cup pump from PJ’s Comfort.

Burp cloths

A burping baby might cough up something yucky, so it’s always a good idea to have burp cloths on hand. To keep things eco-friendly, look for burp cloths made from a sustainable material! Burp cloths are pretty eco-friendly as it is due to the fact the majority are machine washable. Also, a little secret if you are looking for a way to cut costs down, kitchen towels work just as good! They are practically the same thing, but just a tad cheaper. 


Eco-friendly baby bibs surprisingly come in a range of options. There are silicone bibs that are typically my go-to, and they even make bamboo ones! I have found that silicone bibs work just fine. Washable & reusable. 



 If your baby takes a bottle there are a lot of options out there for sustainable bottles! Did you know they actually make glass baby bottles? Personally, I stay away from them due to easy breakage. There are also stainless steel bottles! I typically just go with normal store bough reusable bottles. They do the trick wonderfully. Here are some super cool ones


Unfortunately, finding zero-waste baby formula is extremely difficult. However, sometimes it is possible to buy formula in recyclable containers! This helps to minimize carbon footprint and overall waste.

Baby food

Luckily, most baby food comes in glass jars and since glass can be recycled forever, it’s one of the most sustainable materials out there.
But if you have any time on your hands (very rare haha!), there is always the option of making your own baby food! Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a lot to make baby food at home. Puree your own vegetables and fruits using a blender, make them in big batches, and freeze in a silicone ice cube tray before transferring to a reusable container. Lots of wonderful recipes will pop-up with a quick google search. 


All-natural crib mattresses can get expensive. Conventional mattresses are made with yucky materials like polyurethane foams, which are full of toxins and chemicals both detrimental to the planet and our health. Polyurethane is derived from petroleum and is usually combined with flame retardants and other toxic adhesives! Brentwood Homes makes a line of non-toxic crib mattresses less than $300!


There are two main options for sustainable diapering — cloth diapers and bamboo made ones. Personally, I do not go the sustainable route on diapers, but there are so many great options out there. 

Nail clippers

Baby nail care is something that is not typically thought about, but is super necessary! When nails get too long they may scratch you or themselves. I personally use these clippers from Green Sprouts

As with anything there is no pressure to switch to eco-friendly options. We all know being a parent can be rough enough! However, if you are looking to switch to some "green" options I hope you enjoyed this post! 


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