The Acacia Wood Nursery at Milk Street Baby

Properties of the Prized Acacia Wood:
  • Acacia is known for its unique grain patterns and its brilliant colors. Each piece is truly “one of a kind” due to the variable pattern of its grain, which may be either straight or wavy.
  • Acacia offers a wide range of color, from light amber to dark mahogany.
  • Acacia has a rustic modern appeal, making it ideal for simple but timeless pieces that blend easily with any style preference – from shabby chic to sophisticated and elegant.
  • Acacia is sustainable. Acacia trees are fast-growing, grow in almost any type of soil, and do not need fertilizer, or pesticides.
  • Acacia is highly resistant to moisture, insects, mold, and fire without the aid of treatments, which makes it easy to maintain and ideal for the home.
  • Nature has blessed acacia with antibacterial properties. This tree has the natural property of opposing bacteria. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties as well as natural oils that repel mites and bacteria.
  • Acacia wood has a subtle yet mesmerizing smell.
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