The Glory Days of a Military Family

Happy Birthday, America!!!
This July, Milk Street Baby is honoring military families. We partnered with military wife Dani. She’s an inspiring Army wife whose passion is helping other moms prioritize health/fitness in motherhood. She’s expecting her second child this September with her Army Husband, Nate, and their 1-year-old son, David.  We have the honor of providing their nursery room furniture for them as they design their dream nursery in their brand new duty station.They chose the True Traditional Crib in Snow (white) and Moon set which works perfectly with their Mid-Century, Modern style. Milk Street Baby is proud to celebrate the glory days of summer with the birth of new military babies!!!
We had the chance to ask her husband Nate a few questions regarding their military lifestyle and raising children. 

Staff Sergeant Kimberly has served as a U.S. Army Airborne Infantryman for 8 years. He began his service in the 75th Ranger Regiment in Fort Benning, GA where he met his lovely wife, Dani. They have moved around the country growing their family with the Army and now headed to Fort Bragg, NC.

If you could tell a military dad what it is like to balance fatherhood and being in the military what would you say? 

Often, you won’t get as much time with your children and spouse. You could be away training, deployed, working long hours, etc., but my advice is to cherish the time you do have with your children. If they wake up in the morning before you head out for PT (physical training) or wake up in the middle of the night, cherish those moments even if you lose an hour of sleep. It’s challenging but rewarding. 

How is a military lifestyle unique when it comes to raising a family? 

  • Military families often move every 2 years. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and creates opportunities for networking and building relationships everywhere you go. We now have friends all over the world.
  • In a military house, the military spouse has to take on a lot of the responsibilities around the house and with the children. The service member can be away for weeks and sometimes months. This builds trust and respect in the relationship. You have to be able to rely on each other in difficult times throughout the military career. 
  • Military families have some of the strongest support channels. Spouses are there for each other in times of need. Military life isn’t just about being a military family, you gain an entire military community.

Tell us how Milk Street Baby can support military families.

When companies openly show support for our military, it really means a lot to our families. Our loved ones and families sacrifice a lot, so it boosts morale when wonderful companies like Milk Street Baby openly support and show appreciation. 

Milk Street Baby has given my children a safe and comfortable bed to sleep in. In the military, we move often, so our “home” is wherever the Army sends us. Home is also wherever you feel safe and comfortable with your family. Milk Street gives my children a safe and comfortable nursery that can move with us wherever the Army sends us. 

Tell us one item in the nursery that you look forward to building for your little one on the way.

An item I’m looking forward to building for my children is the rocker because I’m excited to see them grow into it and watch them learn new skills in their “reading nook”. I'm excited to see my family enjoy this little rocking chair while I sit next to them reading and playing. 

What do you appreciate most about Milk Street Baby?

What I appreciate about Milk Street Baby is the quality and commitment to crib safety. I feel comfortable lying my baby down each night not having to worry. A crib is one of the most important investments you can make as a parent. It’s where your baby will spend 8-10 hours a night by themselves. It gives me comfort knowing my children have a safe haven to lay their head at night. It was also important to my wife and I to choose nursery furniture that is Greenguard Gold Certified. I appreciate that Milk Street Baby is transparent with their materials and their finishes. 

My favorite part about being a military dad is being able to set a strong example of leadership, hard work, and patriotism for my children, teaching them to love their country and help others.

Do you have any thoughts to provide for spouses of military men/women that are raising children? What type of support is there?

A little advice for spouses of military members raising children would be…

  • Utilize the resources and support that the military provides. 
  • Take on the challenges with joy. 
  • Have your own hobbies outside of the military so that you have things that bring you joy and fulfillment when your spouse is gone. 

Some support that the military offers to our service members and family is…

Every unit has a family readiness group that is meant to bring together families to provide assistance and support. We also have access to  gyms, outdoor recreation, libraries, and mental health counseling all free of charge. 


Milk Street Baby is happy to honor military families with a special 15% OFF discount code. Please email us with a copy of a valid Military ID card to Milk Street Baby Customer Service along with your address and order information. 

Photography Credits: @deannadecker_photography 


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