Give Them Lala Brands

We admire this Mompreneur!

A female business owner that actively balances the roles of mother and of entrepreneur. 

Lala is doing it all with grace. She has created a women-run empire dedicated to enlightening other moms with beauty and skin care. Inspired by the birth of her daughter Ocean, Lala created Give Them Lala Baby. Like Lala herself this line exemplifies simply clean baby with elegance and style. 

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Give Them Lala Baby  is a clothing and accessory brand for your little ones, that has you covered on all of the basics. This spring you can expect new additions to their color palette and expanding up to 5T in sizes!

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Give Them Lala Skin/Beauty is inspired by Lala

“My love for quality products at an affordable price. I’m inspired by people who are consistently setting new trends and aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. Because of that, I’m constantly experimenting with new products and releasing ones that I love, and ones that speak to me!” ~ Lala Kent

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