True Talk with Julie!

When I designed the True Collection, my thoughts were this:

How to make a modern collection that was not “Too Modern."
Historically, customers did love modern but they ended up buying something else, shifting back to a safer collection, a more Transitional one.

I love what modern offers; clean lines and minimal sophistication and felt that if we added some rustic features it would soften the cubist feel of our True line. Thus was born a truly Rustic Modern vibe. We married the smooth clean surfaces finished in Snow White with a deeply sandblasted solid spruce grain to create a look unlike anything else in baby furniture.

Thick spruce frames balance perfectly white spindles and horizontals to offer a modern flare that is unique to Milk Street.

The MUD finish on the spruce parts is a seven layer finish that goes brown to grey, accentuating the amazing grain patterns with a slight dusting of light over glaze.

Each individual piece is a work of art and no two are the same.

The grain of the spruce is like nothing we had ever seen so finding that species made this work.

The combo of the two finishes Mud and Snow set together, as well as, the all white Snowstorm both make for a big design statement in the nursery.

The best part about the True Collection is that it can work with any style. It is gender neutral and Transitional.

Call it Rustic Farmhouse, or Modern Minimalist. We can even see it going Mid Century or Boho.

Many have tried to produce a crib that has the same basic lines, but no one comes close to our perfect proportions alongside those finishing touches of our Mud tones on sandblasted spruce.

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