Milk Street Vault FAQs

The Vault FAQs

Why are the products discounted? 

There are a variety of reasons why we might send something to our vault. It could have been used for display at a trade show or a photography session, It may be a return that required a replacement part. You’ll also find discontinued models and discontinued or updated finishes. These items will be 1st quality but still reduced in price. 

Are the items badly damaged? 

Absolutely not! Milk Street wants you to have a great looking nursery and we won’t sell you anything that has structural damage or doesn’t pass our “still looks ok” inspection. 

Will I find everything in your catalog or on your website discounted in the vault?

You will find many of our items in the vault, but availability of specific items will constantly vary. 

Can I buy some items at reduced prices and combine them with 1st quality? 

Absolutely and this is a brilliant way to build a nursery! Though you might find a complete set in our vault, this is rare. You can always complete your collection with 1st quality pieces but note that the finish may vary slightly on discounted items.

Do the discounted products still carry a warranty? 

Yes, the discounted items will come with a one year warranty that will cover against defects in material or workmanship. Any pre-existing cosmetic flaws will be excluded and not covered under the warranty.

What if I order a discounted piece and I do not like it?

We do not accept returns on discounted items purchased from our vault.