Refunds and/or Exchanges are accepted only in situations where a warrantied product presents a defect or damage which cannot be serviced and/or prevents the use of such product in a safe manner. Due to inherent aspects pertaining to baby products in particular, return requests are reviewed and approved at the full discretion of Milk Street Baby. 

If you are not 100% satisfied, you may request a return review of your item(s). 

Customers requesting a return will be responsible for the full cost of the return pickup & shipping costs + the full cost of the original delivery + a restocking fee of 15%. In addition, the items being returned must be packaged in the original manufacturer’s carton and inner packaging before pickup. Please provide photography proof showing no wear and tear due to customer use and proof that item(s) have been carefully repacked. All return requests must be received within 7 days of delivery. If you received free or discounted shipping, you will be responsible for the full cost of the original shipping costs based on the full estimated shipping costs at the time of your purchase. 

The refund and exchange policy for transactions made through our direct sales website shall comply with these general terms pertaining to order revision, quality assurance and/or refund and exchange. Minor revision requests are subject to approval by Milk Street Products LLC and only valid when and if confirmed via email or in writing. Order cancellations are not accepted at any time after the purchasing transaction is complete.

Milk Street Vault items are sold as is. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR VAULT ITEMS.

The refund and exchange policy for transactions of items sold in The Milk Street Vault is void. Items sold from the Vault cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged.

Damages & Claims

Remember, this is solid, fully built furniture. Our hope is that it gets to you exactly as it left us. While we pack above and beyond ISTA standards, damages in transport do happen. 

If your furniture arrived with visible damages and you refused delivery, You will need to file a claim.  

Read our full process on How to File your Claim

If things looked great and you found problems after you opened and inspected, you will need to file a claim immediately.

  1. Take pictures of all damages, cartons, and the man date code sticker found on the lower rail of your crib or back of your case piece

  2. Document issues with a detailed description

  3. Save all cartons and packaging materials as your item will need to be repacked and returned

  4. Read our full process on How to File your Claim

Call us if you have any questions(844) 876-5455.