Prepping Kids for Back-to-School - Tips from Modern Motherhood

It is that time of year again!  Whether this is your child's first time in a school setting or their tenth, the transition to back-to-school can always be a bit rough.  Here are some helpful tips to help your kiddos get into the groove of things! 

Toddler - Kindergarten 

This age is sometimes the most challenging when it comes to preparing them for school.  However, with some helpful preparation tips, you can make the transition as easy as possible for you and your little one.  

Practice Goodbyes

For many children, the biggest challenge will be saying goodbye to you. Use small separations to practice saying goodbye, and develop a parting routine, such as a hug and saying "I love you."  Practicing this will ease your child's mind because they know you will be leaving them, but will come back soon. 

Meet the Teacher

Kids need to feel comfortable with the teacher in their classroom.  The best way to get them comfortable is to take them to "meet the teacher" events and orientations if offered.  This will allow them to experience being in the classroom setting and bonding with the teacher. 

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Read Books About Starting School

Read books about other children having a positive experience to help your child gain confidence in their own experience! There are so many books out there that talk about saying goodbye in the morning, and other realistic school experiences for young kids! Here is one of my favorites: The Berenstain Bears Go To School 

Grade School

Bonding with Other Kids

Kids' confidence rises when they know others in their school/grade.  Even for children, walking into a room where they know no one can be intimidating.  If possible, take your child to orientation and allow them to interact with the other children.  You could even take it a step further and allow them to go to events within your town that other children will be at such as library reading hours, a church camp, sports events, the local pool, etc. 

Talk About the Upcoming Grade

Get your kids excited by talking about what they can expect, including snacks, playground, reading, computers, music, and art. If you know other children who will be in their class or school, be sure to mention that they will be able to see or play with them. 

If they are a little older, they may be able to have their own locker for the first time, or may be getting into new school subjects.  Talking about these things can help get them excited! 

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School Routine

Depending on how relaxed their summer schedule was, waking up early can be a hard routine to get into.  A few weeks before the first day of school,  it can help to begin their "school schedule" routine.  This means going to bed earlier, waking up when they will have to for school, not snacking until designated snack times, etc.  Beginning to get into those routines can help make the adjustment easier as they head back to school. 

Choose Their School Supplies

Whether it is simply  items around the house, or choosing items from the store, picking out their own school supplies can help get your kids excited about going back to school! 

Here are two other articles that share some great tips! 

Child Mind Institute - Preparing for Back-to-School Success

Scholastic - 8 Tips to Prepare for First Day of School

Have any tips for back-to-school you want to share? Please comment  down below! Want to read other Modern Motherhood posts? Check them out here.

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