Holiday Cozies with Sophisticated Snowstorm White Nursery

Welcome home for the holidays with a winter white modern motherhood feature focusing on Danielle Kimberly’s Milk Street Baby nursery reveal. Dani is known for her military family lifestyle and her fit mama tips on Instagram and TikTok. Enjoy splendid views of our True Traditional crib alongside inspiring family moments featuring The Elephant Organics cozy holiday pajamas!

White Nursery | Milk Street Baby | True Collection

Our Mid-Century Modern Nursery True Collection is pop culture’s top trending high-quality crib pick for baby furniture with celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian in our most recent giveaway. Learn why this mama of two chose Milk Street Baby’s furniture for her daughter’s nursery room and glean some valuable new mom advice as well. 

Modern Motherhood | Girl Nursery | Milk Street Baby Nursery Furniture

Enjoy splendid views of our True Traditional crib alongside inspiring  family moments featuring The Elephant Organics cozy holiday pajamas!

Q&A with Danielle Kimberly

Describe the space in a few sentences.

I wanted Olive's modern nursery to feel clean, simple, minimalistic, safe, and cozy. Milk Street Baby helped me achieve that! Her room is bright and welcoming, yet I still get the warm and fuzzies when I walk in. I think she will love it even as she grows up because it feels sophisticated and elegant. The True Collection offers Mid-Century Modern Style. The furniture pieces are classic, so I think she will use them for years to come.

How has Milk Street Baby aligned with your world and impacted your life differently from other furniture brands?

Furniture is something you look at and live with every day and night, so it's essential that you LOVE it. Milk Street's furniture has a personality. I’ve never felt that with any other furniture brand.

You have two kiddos, so everything has to be....

CHAOS! Ha-ha, kidding, but not really. It's chaos with a newborn and a 16-month-old old, but beautiful chaos. I wouldn't want it any other way. It's very rewarding, but I fear I am in the sleep-deprivation stage with my newborn's schedule, so I am definitely feeling the challenges. I'm learning how to give my children attention simultaneously, which is very hard. I try to give each of them my 100%. I think the transition from one child to two children is more challenging than the transition from zero to one.

How do you want the nursery space to feel when you walk in and how has Milk Street Baby helped to capture that feeling?

I wanted the space to feel bright and airy when you walk in. When a room is minimal, no clutter, clean and simple, it makes everyone feel relaxed and less stressed. Milk Street Baby helped me capture that feeling of relaxation with their beautiful, unique pieces offering designs that stand out and yet still keep things simple.

White Nursery | Modern Motherhood | True Collection

What Milk Street Baby furniture piece do you think you will value the most and why?

Ah, this is a hard question! If I had to choose one, it would be her crib! That is where she will sleep safely, which is so important to me. Milk Street Baby gives families the best of both worlds regarding cribs - safety and gorgeous design.  Choosing a crib is a big deal - it's where your sweet baby will lay their head for hours at a time. I'm in love with my baby’s crib! It makes me feel so comfortable knowing Julie designed it in complete compliance with the highest safety standards. Our nursery has become a room where our family of three is beginning to make new memories as a family of four!

True Collection Mid-Century Crib

Do you have any mama advice on routine, exercise, and being a new mom of two?

  • Do not underestimate the power of simply walking outside, even if you are moving slowly and walking only a short distance! I'm serious, just walking outside to the mailbox can heal those early postpartum days. Getting steps in is so powerful for overall physical health. It also does wonders for our mental health. If you can wear your baby in a carrier and go for a walk, it's a nice bonding experience for you and your baby while you both enjoy the fresh air. At the same time, you will feel accomplished by doing something positive for your own health. 

  • Reach out to a pelvic floor PT before returning to a regular exercise routine. Just because your OB "clears" you for exercise at six weeks doesn't mean your body is ready. A pelvic floor PT can help with a lot of other factors too. There's a lack of education and awareness about the importance of pelvic floor PT for moms. I hope to change that.

  • Intentionally have your kids see you exercise. They may not listen to everything we say, but they sure do watch and imitate our behavior! Showing them the power of movement at an early age will instill lifelong, healthy habits that will benefit you and your family for generations to come.

What do you love about The Elephant Organics family pajamas?

The Elephant Organics clothing feels so soft and is clearly of high quality. They fit nice and are flattering on each person in my family, including my newly postpartum body. I'm really picky about what I put on my newborn and what touches my toddler's skin, so I love that Elephant Organics uses ultra soft and pure fabrics like organic cotton and sustainable viscose from bamboo. My hubby loved the soft jammies, too :)

Matching pajamas for the whole family is exactly what I was searching for as a holiday tradition! I wanted quality fabric, flattering fit, classic design, and Elephant Organics is a family-owned, mom-run business, which makes their products even more special.

I would recommend Elephant Organics to all my mom friends because I know first hand that the quality and the fit of these clothes will not disappoint. I'm obsessed with their family matching, mommy & me, and baby clothes. I love that they have tons of cute patterns. There is something offered by this company for every occasion and every style. LOVE!

The Elephant Organics Black Friday Family Pajamas Modern Nursery

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