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Meet Liz Kakar, co-founder of The Elephant Organics. When The Elephant Organics was first launched in 2017 (originally as Pink Elephant Organics), she knew that she wanted to create a special clothing line that really reflected her family. Inspired by the birth of her daughter, Ahnika, what began as a boutique line of girls’ clothing has grown into a lifestyle brand for the entire family.

Why Organic?

Liz noticed that people often reach for the organic milk or produce at the grocery store, so why wouldnt we want the benefits of organic and chemical-free clothing, too – especially on the tiniest new member of her family? That desire to make healthier and more sustainable choices for her family (while not sacrificing comfort, fit, or style) is what ultimately inspired The Elephant Organics.


The Elephant Organics is passionate about striving to change the world for the better one little bit at a time. Sound ambitious? Thats because it is! But small changes can make a big difference. Making the choice to purchase clothing that has a lower carbon footprint and is healthier for the environment can have a lasting impact on our future. Choosing to make clothing more sustainably can contribute to slowing climate change, preserving forests, lessening water pollution, and even decreasing the number of microplastics that end up in our oceans.

What does their Motto “Where Organic Meets Real Life” mean?


It means that The Elephant Organics strive to incorporate healthier and more sustainable choices, like organic food and sustainable clothing, into our busy lives. They are passionate about making the choice to shop sustainably an easier one by providing customers with exceptional quality, and comfortable easy-to-wear styles. They want their organic and sustainable fabrics to be easy to fit into your real life – and they dont want you to have to sacrifice style to do it!


Milk Street Baby and The Elephant Organics Partnership. 


It was natural! Milk Street Baby knew we wanted to embrace other companies that have a low carbon footprints, amazing quality, and prints that connect with our audience. We loved that The Elephant Organics uses Organic Cotton and Bamboo as the foundation for their line. Their collection of baby and family loungewear is mom-tested and approved. They are family-owned and operated by moms. Their collection of whimsical prints and family matching favorites make shopping sustainably a breeze! 


Liz and Julie were inspired to create a new exclusive oversized blanket for 2022! We look forward to what is in store for this partnership and are excited to share with you! 

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