Baby Registry Regrets

If you’re expecting your first baby, your Facebook and Instagram feeds are probably filled with ads for “must have” baby products.

From swaddles that promise the best night’s sleep, to playmats that guarantee a higher IQ, there’s no shortage of products for new parents to consider.

But instead of giving you a list of more products to buy, I am here to help you figure out which products to avoid.

I've surveyed a group of moms to ask which products they regret registering for, and which products they wish they had registered for instead.

Read on for their answers–and go ahead and open your registry in another tab so you can edit yours as you read!

4 Baby Products All Moms Regret:

Registry Regret #1: Baby Food Makers

Replace with: Magic Bullet or Food Processor

MagicBullet NutriBullet | homemade baby food | BuyBuyBaby Registry items

It’s cost-effective and even fun to make your baby’s first foods, but moms agree-there’s no need for a designated baby food maker: the kitchen tools you already use will work just as well for baby!



Registry Regret #2: Too Many Bottles and Bottle Accessories

Replace with: Single Bottles and Nursing Accessories

Como Tomo bottle | BuyBuyBaby registry tips

Before my son arrived, I registered for Avent bottles and accessories, and he loved them! However, I know of babies in my family that are much more picky. 

My sister tried 4 different brands of bottles before stumbling on the one bottle her daughter would accept: the Como Tomo. And while she finally found one that worked, many of our friends never did!

The lesson here: every baby is different, and the moms we surveyed agree: don’t register for tons of bottles and accessories that are only compatible with one type of bottle.

I recommend registering for two types of bottles, and only choose the single or double bottle packs (not huge quantities). Wait to see how the baby reacts to them. You can always buy items like a sanitizer and bottle warmer later when you’ve committed to a bottle!

Registry Regret #3: Fancy/Grown up-Looking Clothes
Replace with: Simple Onesies, Pajamas, and Swaddles

For the first few months, your baby will need multiple outfit changes per day, and you want those outfit changes to be simple for you, and comfy for them!


When it comes to jammies and swaddles, look for ones with zippers, magnets, and velcro. There’s nothing worse than fumbling with buttons and huge blankets in the middle of the night!



MagneticMe magnetic pajamas | BuyBuyBaby Registry Tips


HALO SleepSack velcro swaddle

If you’re looking for a velcro swaddle, I’m a huge fan of the HALO SleepSack. Even the wiggliest baby keeps hands and feet tucked inside, and I felt like my baby was less constricted and more comfortable in these!

Registry Regret #4: Purse-style Diaper Bag
Replace with: Backpack-style Diaper Bag

TWELVElittle Companion Backpack Diaper Bag | BuyBuyBaby Registry Tips

Originally, I registered for this super cute purse-style diaper bag. After having it for a while and realizing that it couldn't fit all my stuff comfortably, I switched to a diaper backpack.

Once I switched to a backpack style, I never went back! I love the equal weight distribution, the numerous pockets, and the fact that my husband can use it when I’m not with them too!

If you have a baby, comment down below some items you regret registering for!

Thanks so much for reading. 


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