Why Are So Many Cribs Out of Stock?

If you have visited a furniture store or shopped online within the past six months, you’ve probably experienced a little bit of frustration athow limiting the options for in-stock furniture are. This is sadly true as well when it comes to our cribs! 

With Covid precautions in effect for most of last year and this year, all industries have been affected in one way or another, including the furniture industry. What might seem like an annoying setback can create a chain reaction that has major impacts on industry supplies.

In recent news, China and Vietnam are currently locked down again. Since these countries are locked down, that means that many factories are not running, or that only the workers are allowed inside. These factories are where many supplies come from, leading to many items not being shipped to us. 

Without any exterior workers allowed in, this prevents any exterior quality control people from coming in. Since furniture cannot be checked to ensure safety, it cannot be shipped out. 

When researching we gathered some more facts on this topic to better inform you!

Container costs from Asia to the east coast of the United States this week rose 442 per cent from a year ago to US$20,057 per 40-foot equivalent unit, according to US-based freight-tracking firm Freightos. Photo: Xinhua

The China Macro Economy released an article stating,

"Chinese manufacturers in southern Vietnam are suffering amid lockdowns and business closures, and they are not confident restrictions will be relaxed soon. A growing number of Chinese manufacturers have moved to Vietnam since the start of the trade war to evade tariffs and take advantage of cheaper labour. With the new delta variant covid cases are spreading. This is resulting in constant closures of factories. Which has a direct effect on merchandise not being able to be produced" (China Macro Economy). 

Something to be aware of is that some companies are shipping products regardless of quality control checks. Be sure to stay up to date on companies you are ordering from! 

Another article was released from Fortune stating, 

"There is short-staffing in factories and COVID-19-inspired delays. Virtually no furniture chain can keep up, especially with the skyrocketing demand for all sorts of items" (Fortune

While we wait for stock lows and cost highs to even out, the only course of action, other than patience, is finding our next-best buying options. 

Dying for some baby furniture as soon as possible? Check out our newest blog post regarding mixing + matching! Keeping things fun and fresh while we battle out this stock slump. 

Thanks so much for reading and remaining here with us during this time! 


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