Minimalist Nursery Ideas

Minimalism is big right now. Or should we say, small.

The lifestyle trend of the decade is revealing itself to be a lack of excess. Purge, keep what you need and love, and create and uphold spaces that feel clean, uncluttered, and attractive for their simplicity. Now, not all new parents or parents-to-be subscribe to the minimalism trend (all the gear babies need kind of invites maximalism), but plenty of parents are hoping to create a serene minimalist nursery for their newest little love.

Here’s some minimalist nursery inspiration:

Changing Table/Storage: 

This Branch Open Shelf Changing Table serve two amazing purposes: Visually, it is a perfect continuation of the minimalist nursery vibe you’re angling for, because it looks natural, simple, and unobtrusive. Practically, it makes the best changing table, can store toys, clothing, books, and whatever else you need to keep up, away, and off the floor to reduce clutter in the nursery.

Wall Art:

The Lunar 6 Piece Modern Wall Art. This complements your clean and simple nursery aesthetic with artwork in this vein. The 6 piece wall art allows you and your child to create your own decisions and bring out your inner creativity. 


GooBloo Large Cotton Rope Woven Storage Basket - 18” x 16” Tall Decorative Cotton Rope Basket for Living Room, Toys or Blankets - Wicker Baskets with Handles - Cute Baby Laundry Hamper

Let’s face it: Babies need a lot of stuff. Keep it corralled without overthinking, and in a way that will be easy to maintain in the busy months and years ahead. A few generous baskets set about the room will keep clutter (and stress!) at bay. I love these baskets off of Amazon

Nursery Wall Color:

Creating a pale, soft color scheme of whites, creams, and beiges is a great way to carry out the minimalist theme in the nursery. Even the rocking horse and rainbow decal above the crib here are colorless, so whimsy and charm is brought in effortlessly and without jarring the eye in this simple, boho baby room. 

Convertible Nursery Furniture:

Check out this adorable dresser. It is the perfect dresser storage/ changing table. Allowing you to have optimal room in your minimalist nursery. 

Nursery Basics: 

A key component to the minimalist nursery is to only have what you need. It’s okay to have more items in Baby’s room than you would in, say, your own. But truly fine-tune and edit out the excess to create a minimalist nursery that only showcases the absolute needs of your child. This will be the perfect way to welcome your bundle without that feeling of excess you’re fighting.

What are some of your minimalist must-haves?

Share with us down below! 

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