Abstract Moon Phases- Montessori Edition

Milk Street Baby is so excited to announce that they just released their first pieces of home decor! 

It is called, "Lunar Shapes 6 Piece Modern Wall Art." It is absolutely stunning, and the details behind it could not be more perfect. 

You Design It

Milk Street Baby has decided to come out with a "You Design It" line. 

This new item in particular is a Montessori inspired activity for you and your tot. 


Montessori education is a method of education that is based on hands-on learning, self-directed activity, and collaborative play. In a Montessori classroom setting, teachers provide children with age-appropriate activities. Children are also given the freedom to make creative choices in their learning. They can work individually or in groups to help them reach their full learning potential.

Montessori activities can also be done at home! 

The method of Montessori education utilizes a hands on approach to learning because, young children learn naturally through their senses.

Abstract Moon Phases

Milk Street's new Abstract Moon Phases are simple and modern shapes. They offer just the right pop of texture and tone for a Boho Nursery. From lunar moon phases to rustic woodland symbols, to mid-century modern art. 

This new home decor activity will allow you and your child to work together to create a piece that will compliment your room's theme. 

This set of abstract shapes can be hung in whatever order your eye desires. Split them up and hang in multiple places around the room, or line the shapes up, all on one wall!

Benefits of Wall Art

There are proven benefits to children creating something and then seeing their work displayed on a wall, fridge, or things of that sort. It allows them to build confidence and provide he or she with support. 

Look below at some examples of ways to arrange the art. Work with your child together on this product, to boost creativity. 

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