Color Palettes Ideas For Your Nursery

I'll admit it: I love a prettypink and blue nursery. It sounds overly cliche, but I find it to be so classic. Traditional nursery colors are all well and good, but I love finding colors that compliment EVERYTHING. Not to mention, colors can effect our little ones that are staying in these rooms! 

Here Are A Few Color Palette Nursery Ideas: 

By doing bit of digging on the internet, I have found that people are enjoying subtle mint shades paired with organic neutrals, (think textural ivory and wood tones). This creates a soothing retreat for you and your little one. You can also take min and mix it with more vibrant shades to add moments of playfulness, especially as your little one ages.

It's important to remember that blue isn't just for a boy nursery, and pink isn't for girls. The color of your nursery is all about colors you like and ones that make you feel good. You want it to be a happy place.

A blue and yellow palette is a great foundation for any nursery. The key is to keep a neutral ground so the blues and yellows pop in a modern way and work with bold geometric shapes. This palette is another great gender neutral option that can also grow with your tot.

Jewel tones are officially trending in 2020 and it feels especially fresh when paired with tropical accents and hints of blush. If you're looking for depth in your nursery, go for rich colors like sapphire, topaz, emerald, ruby and amethyst. This palette works best when executed with a minimalist approach, layering color and mixing bold patterns with natural materials. If you're new to the trend, and not quite sold on it, start small with a jewel tone rug. Rugs are a great way to add color without fully committing, or overly stimulating. 

When it comes to Bohemian colors, you'll want to look to browns, greens and grays. Think of 1970's design when creating a Boho aesthetic—it's all about mixing colors, patterns and textures. Layering texture rather than color is such a beautiful way to do so. For boys, I love adding leather and timber to the soft neutrals; for girls, it's the palest of blush tones. 

For terracotta colors, you'll want to look for earth tones that land somewhere between orange and brown. This is personally one of my favorites, and what I went with in my son's nursery. I am in love with earthy tones and textures. 

What are your favorite color palettes or themes?

Thanks for reading!


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