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Fashionable Baby Furniture: Milk Street Baby Premieres at Crib & Kids

August 7, 2017 | Posted by Milk Street

Fashionable Baby Furniture: Milk Street Baby Premieres at Crib & Kids
Milk Street Baby Premiere at Crib & Kids, San Antonio, Texas

I still can’t believe I’m past the baby stage. Is anyone else newly past this stage and feels immediately OLD?! Just yesterday wasn’t I a new mother trying to figure it all out? Course, I’m still trying to figure it out even though I’m not technically a “new mom.”

One of the things I noticed about motherhood is there is always something newer and cooler coming out. And sure enough the most fashionable baby furniture line, Milk Street Baby, has premiered and I’m smitten! I want to have another baby just to get one of these cribs! Ha!

One of my best friends, Courtney Santillano, owns the largest baby and children’s furniture showroom in South Texas called Crib & Kids and I’m so excited to announce she’s the new flagship store of Milk Street Baby! If you live in San Antonio and haven’t visited Crib & Kids I can’t tell you how amazing her store is. It’s HUGE and is filled with everything you need when expecting your child.

Milk Street Baby Furniture at Crib & Kids
This is so cool!

I recently attended the launch of Milk Street Baby at Crib & Kids and immediately fell in love with, not only the line, but the designer Julie Knisley. Not only is Julie incredibly talented but you immediately feel like you’ve known her forever (and surely she can be your new best friend, right?!).

Courtney Santillano, owner of Crib & Kids and Julie Knisley, owner and designer of Milk Street Baby
(L) Courtney Santillano, owner of Crib & Kids (R) Julie Knisley, owner and designer of Milk Street Baby


Milk Street Baby is baby and children’s furniture for the fashionista. Our nurseries have become an extension of our style. We frequently shoot our children in their rooms and welcome friends and family in to them so why shouldn’t they be as stylish as the rest of our homes?!

But not only is Milk Street Baby stylish, it has also incorporated the highest safety standards for our new bundle of joy. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted using the finest materials and is also made to order. The furniture takes a minimum of 12 to 16 weeks to build but trust me… it’s worth the wait!

Milk Street Baby Premiere

Milk Street Premiere

I was immediately drawn to her “True Collection” which features clean lines, contrasting woods and impeccable sophistication. Their Relic Collection has a touch of nostalgia with a vintage wood feel and grandeur. And their Cameo Collection is all things romantic with beautiful soft curves. Truly you can’t go wrong with any of the collections.


(L) Julie Knisley, owner and designer of Milk Street Baby, (R) Courtney Santillano, owner of Crib & Kids


As you can see if you are expecting, Crib & Kids is the place to visit! And if you aren’t located in San Antonio don’t worry they can help you as well! They have the best customer service and are happy to assist you in designing the nursery of your dreams featuring the most fabulous furniture by Milk Street Baby!

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